COM014 – Blog # 6 – My Unforseen Greatest Achievement

Two years ago at a large military convention I was tasked with deploying lead retrieval devices to clients. Clients could rent a device with the application on it or use one of their own devices and we would upload the app for them. It is a stressful convention with many new clients who we wanted to create relationships with. I was at a booth ready to upload the application onto the client’s device when he hands me over a brand new Samsung cell phone I have zero experience with. I had to teach myself how to use it while trying to teach the client how to use our application. It was very stressful but I made sure to relax and just go with it.

I was very lucky that the man was not in a hurry and not bothered by my “lets figure this out together” approach! I spent nearly twenty minutes with him and in the end he thanked me profusely like I had done something so incredible. In all honestly I felt like an inexperienced idiot but I got it to work and now knew how to use this alien phone. He stopped by to see me a few times during the convention with questions which I was thankfully able to answer promptly.

At the end of the show he came to see me one last time and asked for my boss’s email address as he wanted to let my boss know how thankful he was for all my help. Later in the week my boss, who is also my father and the president of the company I work for, received a wonderful email telling him how much of an asset I am for his business. It was remarkable how my exceptional client services conquered my inexperience!

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