COM0015 Assignment #1 post #2 Strong & Weak Organizations

The strong case: Nike  nike

When we talk about professional sport shoes, we are easily come up with brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma. Then based on these, when we think about the young culture of sneakers, Nike becomes a symbol of popularity. The swoosh check mark and “JUST DO IT” slogan have identified Nike around the world for more than two decades without even mentioning the company name. For the purpose of making its potential buyers believe they are the best, Nike introduced a series of superstars from sport to entertainment areas. Comparing the list including Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Andre Agassi, Shane Warne, Maria Sharapova, and Venus and Serena Williams who endorsed Nike’s sport equipment, Jay-Z and other rap stars have the same effort on Nike’s pop colour sneakers. When the young people involve in the rap culture groups, Jay-Z and other rap stars represent their cultural spirit in every of their skills, movements, and dresses. So after the time Nike asked them to wear its products, these products automatically became the highest option for the interest groups. Don’t forget the quality of Nike that mentioned above. People do not follow a star randomly, it is the well-design of Nike shoes, plus the celebrity effect, made these people crazy. The less make the things more precious, the limit release of Nike Air Yeezy IIs made the shoes unbelievably valuable so that people were willing to wait for days to get one pair. It’s in part been driven by Nike’s use of Instagram; inspirational, community-building hashtags like #MakeItCount and #NeverNotRunning, which collectively are home to nearly 200,000 images, rally runners and wannabe runners to engage with both Nike and with their communities, making the photo-sharing network a starting point for the IRL translation of Nike’s URL messaging.

The weak case: Adidas  QQ截图20140324201026

Besides sportive brand, Adidas has more focus on originality and fashion style. Which give them a lot of follower, but not as effective as Nike’s all-star strategy. Also, Adidas is not putting as much effort as Nike in social network such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. At same time, Adidas has been too slow to introduce new products. Customer can see Nike have new line of sports shoes evey year, but not Adidas. On the internet search ranking of SE in China, the search time of Adidas is 266815, but Nike is 444887. Over all, the use of social media for Adidas is obviously weaker then Nike.

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