Blog Post #3 Professional Networking now and in the future

Professional networking is considered as an important stepping stone in one’s career, without which one cannot imagine of even getting started with the career goals. It is essential to build networks and links on a professional front in order to progress in life and to create a niche for oneself. The fact that I have experienced myself is that opportunities come to you unexpectedly  if you have enough contacts, people consider you for the prospective job options and contact you at times when you least expected it and wanted to get placed at a good post or a desired position. In the present scenario, everything works well with links and good networks. Networking does wonders and being social and participative is quite an easy task to take up in order to be recognized and considered in the society.

My present strategy to develop professional networks, at the moment, is to focus on building links with professional job holders and professors from college, both in person as well as online through LinkedIn. I learnt the importance of LinkedIn lately, when I realised how convenient it was to be considered for several jobs through your professional profile. It is a great platform which adds a professional touch to social networking and I make use of it on daily basis to check for available job opportunities. I find it quite convenient and rewarding to create and update profiles and connect with business people and also build professional relationships with them.

The moment I realised the importance of networking, I started engaging with people to a greater extent. And it has always proved beneficial, for instance, two weeks ago, I was working at cash at a store and I got engaged in a good conversation with a customer. The customer asked me about my qualifications and my plans for future and put up some basic queries. I told her I would look for a way to get in some corporate jobs after I am done with school, and there came a surprise when she offered me an opportunity to work for her. The reason she liked me was because I made efforts to engage with her, establish a good conversation and relation with her. I was amazed by the effectiveness of being pleasant and social, which actually proved to be successful on a professional ground. Recently, I also got an opportunity to carry out a job shadow assignment for one of my courses, where I had to shadow a person for a minimum time period of 5 hours. It proved really useful as I learnt about the description of the job and environment of the workplace, which I intend to work in the coming few months. Moreover, I made quite a few strong networks with people who are highly experienced and qualified. I believe building in-person networks are more effective than the online ones, but both are important in their own ways.

In order to continue with my current networks that I have built and also to keep on building more, I plan to attend professional development events and ceremonies. To start with, I would be attending a volunteer appreciation gala that is scheduled at Algonquin College on the coming Monday. Also, I would be attending an international night games night where international ambassadors of college would be mentoring and assisting us to help us in our profession after we are done with school. I also plan to attend certain Entrepreneurship programs, which are being held in Ottawa. This way I would attain business knowledge and would also get to meet people and increase my professional networks, as through strong networking, opportunity itself tends to knock at your doorstep.

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