COM0011 Blog#4 – Disappearance of Malaysia Airline Flight 370


What happened to the Boeing 777? How come it veered to the left at one point and disappeared from the radars? We have so many questions with so little answers. Like many of you I have been watching CNN regularly to get answers but in vain. This mystery affects me in one way because I used to be a flight attendant a few years back and wonder what really happened to this commercial carrier.

Have you been disconnected from the world for the past 2 weeks and wonder what I am talking about? Take the time to read this Wikipedia page they have created. It is very informative; it gives us a detailed breakdown of the events and is kept up-to-date.

The FIRST question that came to mind is that most of the passengers onboard of that flight had a cell phone with them and how come none of them sent a message called or email their loved ones? I think it’s a question most people would ask themselves as most of us carry a cell phone at all times. It’s been a popular question on social media particularly Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.Weibo

For a situation like this I don’t think it would be smart to solely rely on social media to get news/updates on breakthroughs of this mystery. A good example is Courtney Love claiming on Twitter that she might have found the missing airplane and posted pictures of her interpretation.


Dedicated fans of hers will truly believe that she is right and will propagate that information to their friends/followers and create false hope. Just image what the families of the victims think and feel when they hear that kind of information.
Social media can be a useful tool to stay up-to-date on what is going on in this crazy world but you need to be vigilant on where and from what source you get your information from. I truly hope that they will find the Boeing 777 even though it’s in one of the most remote areas of the world. I think they are in the right patch and we will get answers in the near future.

My heart goes out to the pilot, co-pilot, flight attendants, passengers and the families of flight 370.

2 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog#4 – Disappearance of Malaysia Airline Flight 370

  1. The issue of social media being an unreliable source for news and information is certainly highlighted with the Malaysian Airline disappearance. Let’s hope that users become smarter and more knowledgable about accessing information, and don’t take all information provided to them as the truth.

  2. This may go down as the greatest mystery in the history of commercial aviation! I hope they will find the wreckage and learn what happened to the flight. I think your comment on not relying on social media for accurate information in a case like this is bang on, however I also believe journalism integrity has been both helped and hurt by social media. Eye witness accounts on social media when news breaks is authentic. In cases like a missing plane, where people are speculating from “a distance” social media can churn out rumours, untruths, and factually incorrect information that unfortunately gets in the way of good and accurate reporting.

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