Keep social media under control

Is it just me or is social media marketing very time consuming?

I have a not that glamourous “office” career which requires absolutely zero use of social media. However, when I opened an online store on the side I quickly discovered that it is essential that I learn the tools and get immersed in social media. I started looking into it and, to my displeasure, find that I spend at least 3 hours of my day on this. This is overwhelming and I often consider throwing in the towel. Blogging, FaceBook updates,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, replies, Comments, retweets…. the list go on and on. How do we keep social media under control and use our time efficiently and effectively?


Here are some strategy I am thinking I might need:

  • Turn the notice of my mobile phone off so I can concentrate on other task
  • Make a youtube video and blog about the FAQ, hopefully will eliminate answering the same questions over and over again
  • Post to all the channels at the same time and update them automatically
  • Keep a schedule for updates and posts such as only once per week. Start with posting in few sites at least once a week
  • Keep track of daily social media activities – schedule tasks ahead and stick with it. Only work 2 hours and once on it per day
  • Keep my weekend social media free


What other methods do you use to keep social media under control?




5 thoughts on “Keep social media under control

  1. Those strategies sound like a good plan!

    I personally turn off most notification settings off on my phone for social media applications. If anything really important for me comes up, someone can always text, e-mail, or even *gasp* call me- Phone calls seem to be rare nowadays.

    I also stick to the social media outlets I feel the most comfortable using and understand the functions of best. I feel as though you communicate best on those outlets, and it becomes less of a chore.

    For example, I find it much easier to use Facebook and Instagram for updates and promo posts, but despise Twitter. As a result, I could never use Twitter very well. Like, at all. Funny how that works.

  2. I share this fear of keeping the social media sites up to date. At some point, it seems to be all of your work instead of a support to your work. When I found this site, “The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today,” I despaired of ever being adept in this skill set. ( So, I set some parameters.

    I use only Facebook and Twitter for updates and announcements about the project I am working on. I am aware of the tools you can use to manage multiple accounts all at one time, but that seems like too much work to learn, too. I do updates when I get up in the morning, before the real work day starts to get it done before I am too busy to pay attention to it. I also give myself “update targets” — be sure to post once per day on Facebook and to tweet or retweet a minimum of twice per day. Then I can clear my head for doing my real job about that the updates are supposed be about.

  3. Boy do I feel your pain! I think some of the strategies that you have identified are great – just stay strong and adhere to them or the Social Media Juggernaut could swallow you whole!

    Our office spaces are very distracting – phones buzzing, numerous browser windows open and tweets flying in. No wonder we feel that we can’t get our actual work done. The “Turn the notice of my mobile phone off so I can concentrate on other task” is an absolutely fantastic suggestion.

    A content calendar is also a perfect way to “Keep a schedule for updates and posts such as only once per week. Start with posting in few sites at least once a week” and “Keep track of daily social media activities – schedule tasks ahead and stick with it. Only work 2 hours and once on it per day”

    “Keep my weekend social media free” – this one I am having a very hard time with. Plus, evenings tend to get swallowed-up with work related social media.

    We need to start taking back our personal time…it will definitely be hard, there’s no denying it!

  4. Great tips on how to keep social media usage under control.

    I’m on a computer several hours a day at work, when I’m not teaching, and then as soon as I get home my laptop is turned and carried around the house from room to room like a security blanket. My husband and I are on our computers when we’re watching tv – we’re multi-tasking like millenials. 🙂

    I think I could go cold turkey without social media for a day or even a weekend. What I find most time consuming is email – work and personal email. That’s the real time sucker for me. I’ve heard of only checking a few times per day, or having email free Fridays to get things done, but I haven’t had the guts to try either – in case I ‘miss something.’ My personal email has more than 9,000 unread messages. None of them are important… I just don’t want to miss anything, so I subscribe to everything, or so it seems. You could say I over subscribe. I have Google alerts for public relations and, ironically enough, social media, as well as media relations. I get offers and newsletters and updates, and yes, I’ve asked for most of them, and I can’t keep up. The Google mail folders help a bit but even then, there are folders with hundreds of unread messages.

    I’ve heard of people declaring ’email bankruptcy’ but again, I’m afraid of deleting something I may need – one day – down the road. I’m an email hoarder and it has to stop. The bad habits I’ve developed with email, and spending hours on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest can’t continue. The irony is not lost on me that it’s in the wee hours of the morning that I’m typing this response, and it’s probably because most of my evening was working on an event and trying to plan it – via email – sending messages, documents for approval, finding bios, etc.

    Unplugging from everything social sounds like such a good idea – for now. In the morning, everything looks different.

  5. What a great blog – thank you for sharing your ideas. In my office I try to limit my ‘social media’ time to 2-3 times each day. When its not social media time, my twitter, facebook and linkedin are closed so I can concentrate on my other work without the constant pinging in the background. I do however try to check my work social media pages a couple of times on the weekend in case any of our students have a problem.

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