Social Media 24/7


Now that I am bursting with excitement over all the different networks that can be used to chat, listen and promote my professional brand, I know that it’s just as important to start to consider how I can monitor the effectiveness of what I am saying and how I am saying it…and that kind of scares me.

When social media was new and there wasn’t much of a plan, you were celebrated for maintaining a constant posting schedule.  Now that strategies are a must and results are expected, this has become a much more serious game.

kpi (1)

KPIs or key performance indicators are already in my vernacular but have never pertained to social media. I believe that the important metrics are:

  • Reach (your fans, followers, and other relevant stats and gauge the size of your community)
  • Engagement (retweets, comments, bounce rates, clicks, video views, average time on site, etc.)
  • Competitive data (comparison between us and our competition)
  • Sentiment (how your brand is seen)
  • Sales conversions (the measure of your networks referral traffic)

But, do I have the time to commit to making sure our targets and goals are measured and reported on?! This is where my fear gets the better of me. Like most of you, social media is a portion of my responsibilities and the deeper I come to understand how to effectively use the various networks, the more I realize this could very well gobble-up a lot of my precious time.

There are a number of free monitoring services such as:

And even more extensive, paid-for services including:

It all comes back to time and ultimately budget too – is anyone else starting to sweat or is it just me?



3 thoughts on “Social Media 24/7

  1. Thanks for the uberVU shout-out, Jodi! You’re right that measurement is such an important piece of any social media strategy–after all, how will you evaluate whether the time you’re spending on it is driving business results? Our team built uberVU to make social analytics much quicker and easier to pull together, so you can get back to focusing on the conversation.

    If you have any questions about uberVU, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m elisabeth at ubervu dot com.

    Elisabeth, Social Media Marketing & Community Manager at uberVU

  2. I can’t even believe how one can deal with those indicators after work! And there’s now a Wiki article on the fact that we should be tuned out of our devices an hour before sleep.

    So that cuts time too. And what about these blogs and articles promoting healthy lifestyles and how we should find time to exercise at least 3 days a week, AND make clean, home-cooked meals with quinoa? So yes, Jodi, definitely sweating! haha BUT, optimistically, I believe there is a balance somwhere out there. An app or tool, or strategy, something!

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