COM0014 – Blog 5 – My Personal Brand

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, was bang on when he said, “Build brands not around products, but around reputation.” How I create that reputation is deeply rooted in the path my father has paved ahead of me. As a small business owner my father has developed a network of faithful clients through exceptional client services. He has formed a solid reputation in our industry setting us apart from our competitors. I have very big footsteps to fill it but I have a great mentor to show me the way.

As I am the first point of contact with clients, my personal brand directly reflects the company’s corporate brand. By remembering client names, faces, and company I gain a level of respect that is important to maintaining relationships. I go above and beyond what is asked of me to make sure the client is happy. Ways that I do this include being prompt to respond to emails, phone calls etc, ensuring to make contact with the client throughout the rental period, and following up after the rental is complete.

My colleagues would say my best trait is my ability to multitask and the attention I pay to details. Working in a small business both these qualities are extremely valued. I tend to juggle three or four tasks at the same time and am able to prioritize accordingly. Sometimes when people multitask things can be overlooked, I make sure this never happens by paying attention to even the smallest details.

In order to make myself stand out I have turned to social media. I have kept my LinkedIn account up to date and followed clients that I frequently work with. I believe that seeing my personal profile and learning more about me on a personal level shows them that I am more than a voice on the phone or words in an email.

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