COM0014 – Blog #5- My Personal Brand

I have never thought of myself as having a personal brand, at least not in the same way we view corporate brands. But this question made me stop and think. If I were a brand what would I be? What would be the characteristics of my brand? At first I thought that I would have two different personal brands, one for my friends and family, and one for work. But as I look at the characteristics that I think distinguish my brand, I see that they can actually be applied to both groups.

I do not have a diverse online presence, nor do I use social media at work, however, that being said, that is one of the reasons I’m taking this course. I saw a need both within myself and at work to improve our social media know-how, and I signed up for this course. So I guess you could say that taking initiative is part of my personal brand. I am also loyal, both to friends and work. Many people would say that you can’t be loyal to a company in this day in age, because everyone is disposable. I don’t entirely agree. I think if you have the mindset to work for the betterment of your company, it will not only encourage growth and expansion personally through experience, but ideally will help with the growth and success of the company. It’s cyclical.

I asked a friend to list some characteristics that she thought define me. Her response was loyalty, honest and perseverance. So I wasn’t too far off when I put loyalty on my list I guess. I did like her answer of perseverance though, and it was a word that had not come to mind when I did my list. But I have to say I think that it is true, and that it is the brand trait I’m most proud of. I have had a few serious challenges in the past few years, and I am fiercely determined not to let them change my path. Or at the very least, do everything I can to minimize the effect that these challenges have on my original plan.

I think looking at your personal brand is a great exercise. I think it is something  that should be done every so often, so see if your brand has changed, and if it’s still in line with where you ultimately want to be.

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