COM0015-Assign#1-Blog#1 Tools & Sources

Tools of Social Media  … I’m a little old school so I personally do not use Social Media in my professional life.  I work for a public school board and the main form of communication we have online is information for the parents of children in our organization.  We share relevant content on our website for them.  There is no ‘interactive’ communication however, only one way – hence not very social. 

At home, I mainly use Facebook as a tool of communication with friends and family.  I appreciate and am interested in the sharing of information, photos, humour and event the organization of events with this tool. 

I also use Linkedin regularly for my own personal professional life.  I monitor this site regularly for new connections and content applicable to my professional life.  I use it to learn new skills, gain information and even to apply for jobs.

AS for Sources ….  

I follow several different organizations and people on again, Facebook and Linkedin .  On Facebook, I enjoy following certain fitness pages which give me a little motivation and I enjoy a few uplifting positive focus type sites as well. By logging in regularly, I get a daily dose of each of these websites that motivate me toward similar goals that I am on track for. They keep me in the know.  

I also follow a few specific companies on Linkedin for similar reasons.  For instance, there is a resume service site that I hired to build a resume for me that I follow and to my surprise, I have found them to be posting very helpful advice and support in developing and preparing yourself for interviews, do’s and don’t’s, etc. essentially sharing best practices for landing a dream job.   I look forward to their daily updates, support and tips.

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