COM0014 -Blog #5 My Personal Brand

Nothing is more cringe worthy to me than talking about myself and defining what my personal brand is. However, this is not a job interview or a sales pitch, so I am going to talk about what I love.

I started molding my online presence with my blog about food, events and running. It is easy to stick to these topics because I am constantly creating content through the things I do every day. If you were to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would be able to see from the pictures/posts of food, beer and wine, concerts, and running that that is what I am all about … and well, that I have the most adorable cat ever!

I try to be honest, authentic and humble in my interactions and in how I present my interests. I like to think that this is how I conduct myself online and offline, so that if someone from online were to meet me in person I would be who I present and vice versa. Being honest and authentic is what keeps maintaining my personal brand easy and fun to do and less like work. Now that I interests in social media are growing both professionally and personally, I am going to slowly start to develop it into my brand while still maintaining most of my current identity. 

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