COM0011 Blog Post #2 – Google+ or Facebook?

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Like millions of other people in the world, I use Gmail as one of my primary email accounts. I love how I can stay connected with family and friends while I’m working. I can see the little green ball and feel connected with them. I can have a conversation through the chat feature without the preamble that a telephone or email conversation requires. I have also started to use more of Google’s apps in particular Google Calendar.

A few months ago I received an invitation from Google to create my profile on Google+. I didn’t bother, I didn’t see the point, I’ve been using Facebook for years. So why move to Google+?

Bianca Bosker of the Huffington Post Spells it out for us here It seems the consensus among Google+ advocates is that “ Google+ is more about sharing ideas and content, while Facebook is where you see graduation pictures and wedding announcements”. The most compelling argument for Google+ for business as stated by Google+ community manager Natalie Villalobos is that “people are utilizing the features of Google+ to discover and share meaningful content”. This sounds like something that businesses could use to their advantage.

So now I’m wondering. Does Google+ make more sense? After all I use Gmail for business as a lot of other people do. In his article, Larry Kim points out that the main difference between Facebook and Goggle+ is how their communities use them. He says that “Google searchers often have a specific intent in mind, while users often go to Facebook simply to hang out and chat with friends”.

Mr. Kim goes on to make a strong point that both are important to business. He says use “Facebook for brand awareness” and “Google is the venue to focus on for advertising because of its wide array of advertising features and numerous options”.

With all that being said, I think businesses should hangout with their followers (customers) on Facebook, and when their customers (followers) need the hard facts they can direct them to check them out on Google+.

Before you decide you should also read this well written article by Rebekah Radice at SteamFeed:

8 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog Post #2 – Google+ or Facebook?

  1. Great topic!! It’s very complicated and you got me really thinking. I think this debate
    a) shows Google+ demonstrating how sharing is done ‘right’ with their design
    b) Google+s untapped power for businesses
    which is blocked by
    c) our user habits, human nature, and our need to be social with everything which ultimately makes Facebook the winner. For now.

    a) Your Facebook newsfeed can also show you relevant content like Google+ if you know how to filter with labels. However, Google+’s top panel has the filters “aka circles” set up for you, so you don’t have to read the ‘nonsense’ and it simplifies the privacy controls. Nonetheless, since Facebook came first, most people on it couldn’t be bothered by this new system so they continue their social outpouring on Facebook.
    IMO, Google+ was a place for the disgruntled Facebook user, tired of the social stimulus and nonsense yet thrived on social media’s power to inspire and educate. Google+ users share a more or less collective philosophy on what to post on profiles because of this user design.

    b) I did read the SteamFeed article you linked, and it provided much insight why news stations and law firms promote their services by asking the audience to go to their Facebook page. (I always found that to have an unprofessional tone to it) Companies just want to, as mentioned, fish where the fish are, despite the fact that it (Facebook) isn’t linked to the world’s most powerful seaching tool. And the fish are on Facebook because it became the one-stop go-to and also reasons from a). If Google+ became that one-stop go-to, doing business will be so much more efficient. However, back to a) – it will limit the user, which leads me to

    c) Off-screen is real life in real time. It’s a dichotomy we all try to resolve by personifying social media profiles. People want to share their lives and I think this the main reason for MILLIONS of social media goers and the driver behind the too much information conundrum. Yet many don’t like too much change. And most of us want things easy — none of these multi tab, filter applying, circle assigning processes. While Google+ seems to organize the ability to share quite well, having everyone (millions) on board is equivalent to imposing one way for all social groups and styles to communicate. It only attracts those who like the system.
    I totally agree with the concern on the Huff article – “When the people I’m friends with on Facebook and on Twitter come to Google+, I wonder if the content will change”. The more the merrier? It depends on what you find ‘merry’. The more people, the more the SOCIAL media, rather than social MEDIA.

    • Good point of whether Google+ content would change if everyone moved there from Facebook. I guess that’s when they come up with the next community as everyone strives to change but stay the same.

      One of the main reasons I’m trying to ram through all Social Media courses by the end of the Fall session is my fear that what I learn in the first class I take will be out-dated by the time I finish my last class. Thank you for your contribution here Rochelle.

  2. Yes, I wonder what that next community will be. Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it too much – as long as you’re online and active with your peers, you’ll be in the loop! My younger siblings are into vine and tumblr and I don’t feel the need to join. I don’t even know how they keep up with everything to be honest!

  3. I am not sure I want to connect with my family and friends on Google+?
    It’s not that I do not like them but they seem to post all kinds of weird and wild things, even photos of me that I would not want my co-workers or others to see.
    How many people out there are running 2 Facebook accounts, 2 twitter accounts etc. in an attempt to keep their personal life separate from their many other lives.
    Linked In for this, Google+ for that, Facebook for…
    All this connectivity and connectedness is making me want to spend a month or 2 on top of a mountain!

    • I agree Jay – I am guilty of having a personal and professional Facebook account for the very reasons you state. It’s great to stay in contact with family but I don’t need baby pictures popping up on my Facebook page for all my colleagues and contacts to see.

      As Rebekah Radice and JGBRUNET outline, I too see Facebook for hanging-out, sharing information and talking about topics at hand and Google+ as more of a backup to a main website and a portal to redirect and info people looking for specific information. Two very different networks that can be used to compliment your brand.

  4. As someone who does not use gmail, I do sometimes feel out of the social media loop. This has been a helpful post because I have not explored Google+ at all. Mostly because the “do no evil” company has made a few key mistakes with personal data and because everyone with a gmail account seems to have been hacked at some point. This post has made me realize that I should at least go and have a look at it since so many potential contacts are using it.

    But like many of the other commenters, I fear that the proliferation of platforms will lead to a proliferation of work for anyone who is tasked with managing a company’s social media profiles.

  5. Interesting topic. I agree with your points, however, I can’t help but mention Google+ seems to cover more than just advertising for the company. There is the feature of ‘Google Hangout’ that allows said companies to connect with their customers in a livestream environment.

    I’d still agree that Facebook is more of the ‘hangout place’, as they can connect and answer customers on a more 24/7 availability rather than just for a few hours or so. And of course, use Facebook to create posts to generate awareness in the middle of your friends and family’s status updates and pics, as previously stated in your post.

    But, perhaps I’m also biased. I dislike Google+ overall personally in general. In order to have a Youtube account, which I use solely to subscribe and follow users I like, I was forced to create a Google+ account, since Youtube was bought out by Google a few years ago.

    Not cool, Google. Not cool. If I wanted a Google+ account, I’d make a Google+ account. So, I’m a little resentful.

  6. As a fairly new Facebook user (I had to get a personal account so it could be linked to my work account) I would love to be able to become a ‘master’ at it before I have to throw yet another new program into the mix. For now my company is still using mostly twitter, facebook and linked in, however I wouldn’t be surprised if Google+ is added into the mix in another few months.

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