COM0011 Post#3 — Disclaimers: Does it protect me?

People need to be smarter!

Social Media users figure that if they write “Views are my own and don’t reflect the views of my employer” that they are free of any legal actions (WARNING – the article contains profanity) But then again over the disclaimer you see a picture of a person dressed in their work uniform…figure that one out! Smarten-up! Don’t laugh, it does happen.

 “These disclaimers are dangerous and provide absolutely no protection whatsoever and can actually engender a false sense of security

Let’s get back for a second. Whatever is said on a persons’ social media account belongs to them. Right? They have created their own account and decided what is published and who to follow or who their friends are. They have established if they want to use their account for personal or professional use…correct? When that is determined and that is clearly indicated on their favorite SM site, that person can talk about whatever they want….NOT. You need to be fully aware of who your followers/friends are and be careful of your content. It’s like when you are texting someone it can be interpreted in different ways.

You’re not convinced? Professor Geoffrey Miller can tell you about his experience with Twitter and the damage control he needed to do over his comments he did on obese PhD students.

There are quite a few social media disclaimer articles on the web but Matthew Pearson has a very interesting and informative blog that you should read.

When creating a social media account be aware of what you post. You don’t get a free ticket by writing that your “views are my own”. People know who your employer is and relate to that even if you post on your personal account. You can have fun while doing so but….be smart!

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