COM0014- Blog #4 – B2C Case Study of Biscuit General Store

Due to my love of local independent small business, I focused my case study on one of my favorites, Biscuit General Store. It is a funky independent ‘department store’ that has awesome clothing, shoes, gifts, and homewares.

Biscuit actively engages with their customers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , Instagram and their blog. Daily they post/tweet fun pictures of their staff modeling the newest trends or sales in store as well as sharing the function/styling of their products. Sharing contests are one way they get customers to spread the word and share their experiences. The owner of Biscuit promotes the Buy Local movement and shares important/interesting stories and tweets which generate conversations within the community.

The blog I find, occasionally, interesting but feel they could have greater input from their staff on styling and other fashion commentary. The content shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is useful, funny and relevant to what most followers want to know about such as what is new in store, sales and contests. Their Pinterest account aligns with their brand and what they sell, I think it is currently underutilized as they could be posting more of their own images/content and hosting contests.

Overall, I think Biscuit is doing a great job with social media they stay on top of posts, listen to their audience and engage with their community. As well, I think it is important that they really maintain their brand personality and story across all of the platforms. If you are ever in Halifax, be sure to check them out!

3 thoughts on “COM0014- Blog #4 – B2C Case Study of Biscuit General Store

  1. This looks like this would be a fun place to browse! It’d be great to be able to shop on their website as Halifax is a bit of a commute from here, though nothing beats shopping in person. Now excuse me while I go through their Pins…

    • It is a great store and a great in person shopping experience, I could spend hours just browsing! Maybe one day if they keep growing they will have online shopping available but for now I think they mention some of their suppliers/designers who might have online shopping available.

  2. As interested as I am in social media and its affect on our lives and believe in its usefulness, there is always the flip side to the coin. The Ottawa Folklore Centre bemoans the fact that people want to take lessons online rather than in a face-to-face situation but I do believe the times will change again in their favour. If this general store sells crafts it should consider an account on Etsy.

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