COM0014 – Blog #3 Target Audience of Craft Beer

I love Beer but more specifically Craft Beer. The audience for beer is vast so I decided to focus on the local craft beer audience which is slightly less expansive but is growing. There are many demographic groups for this market but I wanted to focus two of the main target audiences.  


The Locavores – This audience is all about local and it extends well past just food. They generally are interested in local issues, participate in community and are advocates of sustainable practices. A great way to communicate with this audience would be to get involved in the Buy Local discussion, join local farmers’ market communities and team up with other local business in joint Social media/marketing campaigns.

 The Connoisseurs – These people know their stuff when it comes to beer.  They take pride in knowing all about what they imbibe. Online communities composed of this audience would be a great place to listen and engage. A blog would be a great place to tell the story behind the brewery, brewmaster and beers, as well it would serve as a venue to encourage a conversation with this audience. Events such as cask tasting, amateur brewing competitions or online flavour input would also grab this group’s attention.

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