COM 0011 Blog #3 Target marketing Social Media and the Superbowl 2014

Whether you are a football fan or no the Superbowl each year is the top viewed game in history. This year 111.3 million tuned into watch the game. And each year target marketing takes place, social media is catching on more and more.-the big corporations are taking advantage to get out their messages. The ones I enjoyed seeing and even pre super bowl were the Oikos yogurt, Budweiser, Unlever Axe and Toyota. This year “Oreo cookie” corporation even took to tweeting, when the power went out saying, “you can even dunk in dark”.  There are several favotites however, am going to talk about a few.

Oikos yogurt had 2 million views within 3 days on YouTube and it was promoted on Facebook and twitter. within three days.As of today, it is almost at 7 million views. They pulled in three stars from “Full House” to highlight their video “Bromance”.

Budweiser started their previewing of commercials well in advance of the big game. The Clydesdale horses and the puppy video called “Puppy Love” was quite spectacular heartwarming video. This had 30 million views. Budweiser also marketed on Facebook and had a contest. The winners were given the opportunity to stay at a hotel that had been made over the the “Bud Light Hotel.

Unilever Axe had 3.5 million viewers on Facebook. Their campaign was towards “Make Love, Not War” and teamed up with Make Peace One Day. They usually target young men, however, this time it included men and women kissing and showing signs of love. To date tis has had over 6 million views.

Oreo won at the social media trending during the black out that occurred for 34 minutes. The image of an Oreo and the caption, “You can still dunk in the dark.” This message caught on like fire and got nearly 15,00 Tweets and more than 20, 00 likes on Facebook. The ad was also posted on Tumblir .

Toyota used the Muppets and also sitelinks in their ads which took users to their various social media profiles instead of to the company’s website or landing page. Another example of how Toyota is connecting to their customers through social media. This goes to show the importance that Toyota is placing on their social media as a way to connect with their consumer base.


All and all social media seems to be the catchy way for businesses to link into their consumers using several social media forums, stars, etc. The numbers prove it.

One thought on “COM 0011 Blog #3 Target marketing Social Media and the Superbowl 2014

  1. The world of advertising and ways to reach your target market has certainly changed. It is great to see companies “bang it out of the park” with their social media targeting. One of my favourites is Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark.” It gives a whole new meaning to being topical in advertising. You couldn’t do that with a magazine ad.

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