COM0014 – Blog #4 – B2C Case Study

SOLE ADDICTIONWhen it comes to utilizing the force of social media, hands down our very own Sole Addiction (shoe store) right here in Grande Prairie, Alberta gets my vote.  For a City of 55,000 they have acquired 30,873 (and continually growing each day) ‘likes’ on their page.  I’d say they are doing something right!  I mean who doesn’t love shoes?  And if you really love them, visiting this Facebook page is where you want to be.

First off, it doesn’t hurt that their website is fantastic.  Sole Addiction has the extra value of a really good website that entices visitors to want to shop online.  I believe it is a natural progression to click their Facebook button before a purchase to see if their customers really were satisfied.  And they quickly see they are.  Then what happens?  They ‘like’, then they chime in, and voila they have now added another number to the already long list of very happy customers (or soon to be customers).

Secondly, they really know how to engage on Facebook, both in dialogue and great pics.  Grande Prairie is big on Facebook, and it is true that Facebook really works well for B2C marketing.  Their page has all the elements of success.  Fresh and unique pictures of shoes, along with happy people buying shoes.  Good information, brought to you in an informative way……….and it is not focused on you just buying shoes – a lot of it is……well…….just interesting. What’s not to love or ‘like’?

I specifically chose this business as my case study because they are a true example of a B2C company shining on Facebook but not on Twitter.  I think I know why…..they undoubtedly realize their huge following on Facebook and tend to devote their energies there.  Also, I can clearly see why Facebook would be such a workable marketing tool for this organization – the pictures of smiling faces, and fabulous shoes are plastered all over the page – not as easy to do with Twitter.  You will find us pretty much failing on Facebook (we admit it, but then we don’t really try), yet slowly gaining popularity on Twitter.  The people we choose to follow (and they follow us) are primarily on Twitter, so it just makes sense for our B2B(ish) model.  When it comes to choosing successful communication methods, this Case Study pretty much played out just how research says it does (Matching Tools to Messages).

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