COM0011 Blog Post#2 Bringing the World Together

With the Olympics now over, some of us may find a void in our day. Many people planned their day around making sure that they were connected to the games in one form or another to see the best of the best compete and cheer on the athletes. My connection was through Twitter. Minute to minute updates on the competition when I wasn’t able to watch.

The Olympics bring athletes, fans and supporters from around the world together and social media has connected us even more to the games with media, athletes, fans and supporters tweeting, Facebook updates and blogs. During the 2013 Sochi Winter Olympics we were able to follow the games in a whole new way through social media. We not only were able to stay up to date on the actual games but we were connected to the personal thoughts of athletes and those that were able to attend the games. We were able to see in to what the Olympic village was like and as so many of us that weren’t able to be at the Olympics, could vicariously live through those that were, spending hours on Instagram and Facebook looking at so many different views of what was going on in and around the games. All a glimpse in to the experience of the games in years past we may not have been able to connect so closely to.

Social media is continually opening the doors on how the world connects on so many different levels and will continue to do so. We may not always find the world in a positive light but we will see the world as it is.


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One thought on “COM0011 Blog Post#2 Bringing the World Together

  1. This is so true we were connected through Social Media in so many ways to Sochi 2014. I was not able to watch during the day but watched Twitter feeds and read Facebook updates.

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