COM0014 – Blog #3 – Target Audience

I work for a small marketing agency that specializes in pharmaceuticals. We are hired by the pharmaceutical companies to create patient materials, materials for physicians and develop and monitor patient programs.

With respect to the target audience, we deal with two separate entities. Our first target audience is the marketing managers of the pharmaceutical companies who hire us. They are predominantly male, between the age of 30 and fifty. They are business minded, but appreciate creativity. They have experience with social media on a personal level, but minimal experience on a professional level, and need to be shown how it can be incorporated into their brand effectively.

Our second target market is the healthcare professional we are trying to reach with our brand. These are both male and female, age 40 – 65, highly educated people whose primary concern is their patients’ wellbeing.  They respond better to direct interaction, like in-person forums and live online forms. Most are reasonably computer-literate, but direct person to person interaction is preferred; although this dynamic is shifting.

In order to ensure that our target audience is reached, and their needs are met, we work very closely with the healthcare practitioners. Their input into where a brand is going and what is needed in terms of patient materials and programs, is of the utmost importance when developing a strategy.

The most effective way to reach our desired target audience is connecting with them directly through focus groups, patient forums, and healthcare practitioner forums; both online and in-person. This allows us to create awareness for the healthcare professionals as to where we are and where we’re going. And we are able to receive direct feedback from our end users that can be implemented in each initiative.

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