COM0011 Post#2: Large Double-Double Please



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear someone say Large Double-Double? Tim Hortons, that’s right! Everybody in this world drinks coffee… well most people do anyways. Is it an addiction, a necessity or just plain habit?  

The restaurant chain was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario by Tim Horton. Over their 50 years of existence they utilized different methods to promote their products to Canadians and around the world. Since this is a special year and it needs to be celebrated they offer you two chances to win with every cup. Not only that, but would you believe they are talking about starting Tim’s TV Channel! That’s right, the program will begin “rolling” out in late February 2014. Why would they start a TV Channel, really? Well, they listened their guests that have expressed interest in seeing more news, more entertainment, more weather and more Tims.

But why are they so popular amongst Canadians? Two reasons; they have restaurants on every corner but the main reason is that they have a strong social media presence. They endorse their products and engage customers using tools such as  Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  Additionally, they have a Tim Hortons website and also have made one called Every Cup Tells a Story where people can post pictures and tell their stories. Another great initiative where Tim Hortons reaches out to its customers is the eSSENTIAL Accessibility tool where individuals with physical disabilities (dexterity limitations) can easily access their websites.

When picking up your double-double at the double drive-thu tomorrow morning remember all the avenues where you can connect with people like you who share the same addiction, necessity or habit as yours.

2 thoughts on “COM0011 Post#2: Large Double-Double Please

  1. Yes, they sure have us all addicted. Their commericals in the past were very engaging too.. They showed the ordinary person,the troops,the farmer etc.drinking their Timmy’s!! I also like their “send a kid to camp” campaign. They have to drive a strong marketng campaighn to keep up with other coffee shops that are trendy! Maybe next we will see wifi introduced in the coffee shops so we can engage online while we enjoy our addiction!!.

    • Thanks for your comment shaddyp23! Yes, they do have a strong marketing campaign that keeps us going back again and again. I think they understood that nowadays everybody is on their cell phone surfing the internet and they caught up to that. They now offer wifi to their customers and guess what…as soon as you’re connected it brings you to their webpage….another smart marketing strategy.

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