COM0011 Blog post #6 Facebook and me

Facebook marked its 10th anniversary on February 4. It is a significant milestone for this social giant. However, while Facebook was celebrating its success and its stock price had more than doubled from 12 months ago, it was met with some criticism and a forecast of a bleak future.

Is this age of ten years like that in human life, which means there will be many years of growth? Facebook is constantly evolving ( and offering new or enhanced features and apps to please its users. The most recent one is the Paper released on Feb. 3 ( With its $150 billion assets, it can afford to buy some of its competitors, such as Instagram, to adapt to the world’s mobile trend on visual contents.

Some analysts predict that because the younger age groups are leaving Facebook or have never tried Facebook (they prefer other social network sites such as WhatsApp and Snapchat), it will disappear in the future. On the other hand statistics in 2013 indicated that since 2012, while the percentage increase of users in North America and Europe was not significant compared to the growth (double in percentage) in Asia and the rest of the world. (, it has a lot of potentials of growth. So, with its current user base of 1.23 billion worldwide and its rising popularity in the East, it will not be easily replaced in the near future. As long as it continues offering more of what the users want, particularly those that attract the young people, and mobile apps, it will enjoy a long life.

Facebook is the first social network that I use. I have established a circle of friends and relatives to connect with and there are some favourite pages I follow. I enjoy the news we share there—I knew my niece had her first baby and saw his very cute photos, I saw the beautiful aurora photos taken by another niece during her trip in the Scandinavia, my son posted photos of his half marathon in LA, I shared my son’s wedding photos with my friends…. Although I will explore other social network sites, I think I will stay with Facebook as long as my circle continues sharing their news and photos there. Well, after all, I belong to the age groups that make up most of the Facebook users!

7 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog post #6 Facebook and me

  1. This is a very interesting and well written article, especially your point about some analysts predicting Facebook will disappear in the future because younger age groups are leaving Facebook. I am 19 years old and was a huge user of Facebook for a few years, but for the last year or so I have started to explore and use other social media apps and sites that also involve web cams – websites like tinychat, instagram, and I used stickcam before it shut down.

    With more and more of these social media apps and websites coming out I find myself and many of my friends being attracted to the new social media apps/websites, and I think people in my age group and especially the age group under 19 are moving away somewhat from Facebook as there is a lot of new stuff out there to explore and use. For the younger generations perhaps Facebook will no longer be the go-to social media app in the future?

      • More than likely Annie since I find I am easily distracted by any new and upcoming social media apps and sites. Although I think Facebook continues to evolve and is still very dominant for people older than me who also tend to be less distracted and more loyal to a particular social media.

  2. I can appreciate your loyalty to Facebook. It sounds as though it supports your needs and offers a familiarity as well. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to fix things if they are not broken!
    There are so many social media networks and for work I am required to use/depend on many different tools. Sometimes I feel exhausted by the sheer thought that I have to post something to Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest, then Google+, then on our internal Salesforce Chatter…it really takes up a lot of a person’s time!
    Found this reaffirming article,
    Key points to being overwhelmed:
    I believe there are 4 main reasons why business people are overwhelmed by social media:
    1. Lack of knowledge
    2. Lack of a dedicated resource on the team
    3. An uncertainty of what to say
    4. Too many social networks, too little time


    • Jodi, I agree with you on the 4 reasons, particularly the last one. More and more new social media tools are emerging every year. Before we have time to get familiar with one of them, there are 2 or 3 new ones waiting for us to explore!

  3. I also wonder what the future holds for facebook. I think it would be hard to get as many people who have taken a step outside of their comfort zone in order to participate on facebook to do it yet again with the latest or more popular platform. And then we are met with how often are we to switch….I don’t see anything becoming as popular as facebook but then again, who could have predicted it’s popularity….

  4. I can’t believe that Facebook has been around for 10 years already. I remember getting an account when it first came out and then getting rid of my account, only to find myself creating a new one a year later. Although today’s user may not be the same age group as days gone by, I do not see Facebook vanishing anytime soon. The medium is constantly evolving and providing users with new services and ways of doing things. I am sure there will be slumps, but I am just as sure that there will be ideas (e.g. partnerships with other mediums) that will cause resurgences in its popularity. I do not see myself leaving anytime soon.

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