COMM0014 (Blog #2) – Storytelling & Communication Styles

Why has storytelling been such a fundamental aspect of human life?Storytelling

There has been a great transition throughout the centuries in storytelling and communication, beginning with scratches on cave walls to now on the World Wide Web. It is on the internet that we capture, share and preserve our stories in a new age digital form. The shift in communication form is a direct representation of our culture, self-identity and even our societies as a whole. When telling a story you are speaking in a universally understood format and in a relatable context that brings people together.

What type of communication style is used for business?

As with any communication style it is the: who, what, when, where, why that needs to be addressed. When including these details it is important to use an active voice and persuade your reader to do something, to take action. Be sure to know what action you want your reader to take by writing clearly and concisely in a familiar and friendly tone.

How do you encourage interaction with your audience?

Before you begin writing you must research and listen to your audience. Make sure you know them well in order to select the appropriate tone and writing style. Think about what action you want them to take and write positively to encourage your reader to respond. In order to be positive avoid insecure wording such as perhaps, apparently and usually. Lastly, be concise in this request but complete and your reader will be inspired to act accordingly.

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