COM0014 – Storytelling & Communication Styles

Storytelling is a huge part of everyday life. Think about it. The music you listen to on the way to work; an exciting weekend divulged by a co-worker; a friend’s post on Facebook; the evening news; the book you read before bed. So with all this content coming at us, what is it that makes us stop and listen?

At first it is something that grabs our attention, we want to hear more. By introducing the most important point at the beginning of a story we are able to spark interest, evoke emotion or create a connection.

But what is it that keeps us reading or listening to the story? It is a number of things that if missing we would stop listening. The tone the storyteller uses, if we don’t connect with it or it is not appropriate for the story we lose interest. If a story has no flow or is out of order we cannot follow or understand. Lastly, poor spelling and grammar can overshadow any great story: so proofread, proofread and then proofread some more.

Storytelling is old as time and we are so lucky, in this day and age, that we have access to a world full of stories. However this means we have to work hard at making our stories stand out against the billions of them available to every reader.

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