COM0015 – Blog #4 Out of the Box: Watch it –Your Vacation Plans could be Hijacked!

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So, now we have companies stalking our vacation plans to lure us away from their competitors. Wow! This is very clever.

What a creative way for Banff/Lake Louise Tourism to increase winter skiers and snowboarders to the Banff region. Can you imagine being offered a free weekend in Banff to ski or snowboard? All you have to do is change your vacation plans? Some lucky skiers/boarders (targeted of course) will be flown to Calgary, provided accommodation at the Fairmont Banff Springs, and treated to a free weekend of skiing and/or snowboarding in the Banff area ( I think I would give up my planned vacation if I was offered a free ski weekend in Banff. Wouldn’t you? I wander how the other ski hills in the west like Banff/Lake Louise’s new marketing strategy.

I am fascinated by the way companies are using social media to maintain and attract new customers. They are becoming more creative each day. I thought West Jet’s video was impressive during the holidays (, but, this #skijack video is amazing.

It will be interesting to see how the competitor ski resorts react to this social media marketing campaign.

Just be forewarned – they are definitely tracking you. The creative director at Village & Co. states: “Through Instagram we can see where they live, and through plain old social media stalking we can find out who they are dating, their best friends, films they’ve been to, if they’ve been to Banff before, whether they are boarders or heli skiers.”

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog #4 Out of the Box: Watch it –Your Vacation Plans could be Hijacked!

  1. This story fascinated me and I went off down a rabbit hole checking out what they’re doing! It’s really neat. And people always need to remember that if anyone wants to they can piece a lot of your life together from what you share online!

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