COM0015 Assignment #1 Tool & Sources

QQ截图20140126163551    Ren ren is the most favorite social network I have been using since 2009. It is the earliest school social network in mainland of China. For Chinese people, Renren is the Chinese veison of Facebook. Because of few reasons we don’t discuss, Chinese people in mainland have no access to Facebook, however, we have Renren. Same as Facebook, I can see what are my friends doing, even I am not in China. I can also post my recent photoes, the news I’m reading, the music I’m listing, and so on. The most thing I love about Renren is, it is a way for me to get in touch with my friends even they are far away. We share the same funny video, we “like” the same hot guy’s picture, and we comments each other’s status just like we are talking face to face.

QQ截图20140126164034 The most thing my boyfriend and I love to do for relex is going to theatre and watch a nice movie. The Cineplex app on my iPhone helped us a lot. This app shows the showtime for every theatre in Canada, it makes sure I can buy movie ticket any time and it gives the nearest theatre for me. It would show the barcode of my movie ticket ss soon as I finish my payment, I can just go straight to the theatre and scan the barcode, I get my ticket instant! How efficient and wonderful is it!

QQ截图20140126221057 Reading newspaper is one of my daliy habit. Metro is free, easy to read, and has great amount of information. I like the feeling of have somebody hand you a newspaper with a nice big smile and “good morning” while you waiting for bus. The bottom page is always the first thing for me to read—-the Horoscope! I would feel much more motivated if my horoscope says something nice on that day. Silly? (laugh). Through metro newspaper, I read a lot of news on the international page about how the outsider sees China. It is quite different from the information we have been told!

QQ截图20140126230658 Some people might tend to listening music while driving, but I find that it’s more fun for listening news in car. CBC car radio provides comperhansive news I was not expected. It is like you are getting information when you are not even paying attention. And I really like the voice of the anchor!

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