COM0015 Assignment #1 – Post #1 – Tool & Sources

Monitoring tools

I use Hootsuite dashboard for my personal use. Extremely user friendly, it’s the perfect tool for me to have a quick look at what happened on all my social networks. I can schedule my post / tweets whenever I need to. For work I can track the hashtags that I am interested in (I am tracking all keywords relevant to a flower shop). is the cheapest options if you don’t have money for a more elaborate program like Radian6.

Google Analytics: it’s also a free and easy to use. I like the statistics that I get about my website: traffic, sources (direct or referring sites), number of visitors, conversion rate etc therefore I can understand where I need to focus my resources.

Sources of News

Facebook is the most important news feed for me. It connects me with all my family and friends who live so far away and in all corners of the world. I get all the necessary information: from how big their kids are, to the latest aviation accident in Romania and the scandal around it, to the Grammy awards 2014 (ended half an hour ago). BTW did you know that Macklemore, Lorde, and Daft Punk are among the winners tonight? 🙂

RSS Feeds: I get easy access to news and topics that interest me the most. For example, for work purposes, I subscribed to different wedding related websites and blogs. I like receiving their content by email opposite to searching every day for what I need.

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