COM 0014: Blog # 7 – Personal Reflections: The Fundamentals of Digital Communications

As 2013 wrapped up and 2014 began we got inundated with many posts listing the latest and greatest trends for 2014.

In trying to focus all the attention and efforts on changing algorithms and going mobile friendly it is easy to forget about the fundamentals of digital communications.

While it is absolutely crucial to keep up with the industry and the competition, in order to tell compelling stories companies must keep the following digital communications’ basics in mind.
Always begin with a clear goal:  Based on your objectives what is your communications strategy? Is your communications strategy aligned with your overall marketing strategy?
Know your audience: Who is your target audience? What are their demographics? What are their psychographics?
Pick the correct communications approach and style: What should the communications tone be? How will you be clear, concise and get your message across? Is your audience interested in fact based communication or an experiential one?  Will a visual or a written medium be more effective for your target audience?
Grammar, punctuation, and spelling: It doesn’t matter how perfect your messaging is, bad grammar can be extremely distracting. Pay attention to these details.
Practice makes perfect: Keep doing it. You’ll probably make mistakes and that’s OK, as long as you are willing to listen to your audience, take feedback and make the right changes.

What are some other fundamentals of digital communications that guide your storytelling approach?

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