COM0015 Blog#1 Tools & Sources

With the advancement of technology. a lot of social media listening/ monitoring tools have been made available, which are equally significant and it is because of this course that i got to learn about different types of tools and sources that are available to us, as before i only knew about a few of them. It is quite interesting that how a single social media site can share information to huge mass of people out there.

One of my favorite social media trend listening/monitoring tools as well as source for news and updates is Facebook.To be honest, I used to be really behind the times, as no matter how much i tried, i could never get into the habit of subscribing or reading newspapers. And i would rather prefer to get to know about the current affairs in an interesting way and by way of using  a social media tool which i use most of the times. And Facebook is a source which i operate a number of times in a day. I figured out that it would be best to join pages on Facebook that would keep me updated about the current worldly affairs.I have subscribed to few, reliable news pages. Facebook also helps me to know through enormous amount of posts if anything major happens in the universe.

Another source that works out best for me is Twitter, which never seems to fail to keep me updated about what is going in the world, as it offers hundreds of posts & articles.And because,i spend a considerable amount of time on my smartphone to stay social, i find these sources to be really useful and i manage to scroll through them on a frequent basis to keep myself up-to-date.The ability to search by name or hash-tag and to instantly see what is trending makes it one of the simplest source to be connected with the world. I have been only using it for a year now, and it is really an useful tool and the best thing that i like about it is that it has the maximum capacity of 140 words which restricts those who like to write stories, instead the information is short and point to point.

I also have various mobile apps that helps me to be in touch with the daily news, one of them being CNN app for iPhone, through which i can stay informed with the latest headlines from around the globe. I get breaking news alerts and have an access to watch video clips of live events.The app also allows me to contribute my opinion or story by uploading photos or videos directly from the app.

Basically, these few sites are not just to talk to people, be social and develop networks  but if used efficiently, these are great social media tools & sources that could help you to stay well with the ongoing events around the universe.Nowadays, people are using different social media tools to get the best out of them, in different ways, which has actually become a necessity in today’s world.

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