Blog Post 7 – Storytelling is More Important in a Digital World than Ever – by Mark Calder, Com 0014



In today’s digital world of the 10-second attention span, storytelling is more important than ever.

I look at my 16 year-old son. He is brilliant – sometimes I wonder if someone else is his father because I don’t know how or where he gets his genius. But he has the attention span of a gnat.  I found him in his room tonight playing an NHL video game (see: , texting (see: ), running videos about gaming on his iPhone (see: ), and Facebooking on his mother’s laptop (

This lack of focus in the younger generation makes storytelling all the more important. With so many distractions, you need to have a gripping message. I also think storytelling is important because there is a tradition of storytelling in every culture. People are comforted by a good story. It brings back memories we should all have from childhood – of that bedtime story curled up in an easy chair with mom or dad.

The content of a great post must bring the human struggle into play and the content of the story must always distill those kernels of the human experience – morals – from which we all can learn. For my job working for a school board, I will tell stories about events such as  the high school fundraiser to generate money to honour the memory of a much-loved student (see: ), teaching the value of caring. I will tell stories about students’ reactions to the first-person stories of Auschwitz survivors, teaching them that the human soul can rise above hate (see: I will tell stories of football players who have won scholarships to Division 1 US colleges ) teaching the value of hard work.

The human factor is key.

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