COM0014: Post # 6 Disney – My Favourite Customer Story

Last year we took our first cruise ever on Disney Cruise Lines. Disney was an obvious choice. Yes, it was more expensive than the other options but I knew if anyone could do it right it would be Disney.

And as expected Disney did it right.

Disney Fantasy Castaway Cay

Be Our Guest

Disney treats every guest as an unique and special human being instead of just dollars and numbers. Everyone is greeted with a smile (rare these days) and that’s just the beginning. They’re invested in getting to know you well and are committed to building that authentic relationship with you.

Making Memories

Whether it’s up front intimate experiences with the characters, riding the AquaDuck once or in my son’s case 20 times, a romantic evening for two at Palo or the exclusive fireworks over the Caribbean seas,  Disney knows how to make memories. In Genie’s words “Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories”.

Whistle While You Work

Disney works hard to hire and train employees to be helpful, knowledgeable, friendly,  and exhibit an “onstage” persona anytime they are within view of the customers. The cruise ship employees work 7 days a week, cruise after cruise, for the duration of their contract (5-6 months) and still always look happy and are genuinely helpful. It’s pretty remarkable.

When You Wish Upon A Star

All you have to do is ask!

One evening my 3-year-old requested blueberries. Not visible anywhere on that dinner’s Royal Court menu,  a full bowl of blueberries appeared before my son and he devoured them as quickly as they got there.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Attention To Detail

Attention to the smallest details matter. My husband remarked as we were disembarking the ship at 9:00 am “How are they going to get the ship ready for folks to board at 11:45 am for the next cruise?” I told him that  it was easy because the ship looked as  glorious and pristine  from the moment we stepped on  to the time we got off  and every moment in between.

Main Disney Fantasy

Walt Disney said “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will come back for more”. Disney does it so well that it creates loyal customers, customers who keep coming back for more.  Even at premium dollar that kind of customer service these days is truly a rarity and getting to experience it feels like magic indeed.

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One thought on “COM0014: Post # 6 Disney – My Favourite Customer Story

  1. The Disney employees probably work under the same motto as Avis car rental’s “We try harder”, although you don’t see it printed on their promotional items as Avis does (e.g., on coffee mugs). The customers can see and appreciate their effort of making customers happy, particularly when it is done with a smile. I remember a waiter (I think more precisely he was our waiter’s assistant) in a cruise I had. It was his very shift working in the ship’s restaurant when he served us after working for some time behind the scene in the kitchen. With a very short training and without experience, he was very nervous and he dropped a bun and spilled some tea. But his bright and sincere smile and his effort to improve throughout the time he served us made us ignore his clumsiness and we enjoyed our meals.

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