The Screwdriver – My Personal Brand – Assignment 1 Blog Post 5 – Mark Calder, Com 0014

Assignment #1
Blog Post 5
The Screwdriver – My Personal Brand

Mark Calder
Com 0014

My personal brand isn’t about flash. it’s about dedication to the cause  of public education and hard work.

To be honest with you, I’m not someone who stands out or who necessarily  wants to. I am a generalist. I’m like one of those screwdrivers with the interchangeable heads that you buy at Home Depot, I can fit many roles. I  can get a reasonable job done  at marketing in a variety of different ways such as photos, video, news releases, and specialized profiles.

I truly believe in the cause of public education and fear that if it is not properly promoted and supported there is a danger it could be weakened along the same lines as the American public system. I will fight to preserve it by drawing attention to what makes it great.

I can take reasonably good photos that add value to the news releases that I produce for my board.

(Photo example see: )

(News release example see:,OSAIDDelegatesTold-06122013.aspx )

I am valuable to my board because I look for different ways to promote it rather than the traditional newspaper ads used by many boards. An example of this is a series of profiles I recently wrote for World Teachers’ Day. Links were sent out on Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to the amazing things our teachers are doing.

(see:’sDayProfile-MorganMcQuay.aspx )

I am experimenting with different types of videos for registration and short videos to publicize special events – taking advantage of the fact our parents are now on YouTube.


I do not excel at any one thing. I’m the  guy though who can play nine roles, all rolled into one.

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