Zappos.Com – A Social Media Marketing Success Story – Blog Post 4, Mark Calder, Com0014

I had read so much about in books such as Twitterville and heard about them at conferences from speakers such as Amber Mac, that I had to see what all the fuss was about.

This company does an amazing job engaging its customer base through social media – making particularly good use of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I think a great indication of their success can be found in the number of likes the site enjoys – 1.3 million. (see: )

The company uses catchy phrases and great photography to publicize its products – and you can see how the approach intrigues its customers. This is great marketing (see links below).!/photo.php?fbid=10151758859892687&set=a.141959562686.124607.7172307686&type=1&theater


The company also makes great use of contests to keep its customers engaged and coming back to their sites so they look at more of those pictures and order more goods. They have a contest offering kitchen utensil and cook ware for the holidays and a contest to get women interested in running a marathon at Disneyland.

(See!/photo.php?fbid=10151769809867687&set=a.141959562686.124607.7172307686&type=1&theater  )



They also use amazingly engaging YouTube videos such as the Baggage Claim Game to engage customers. See

This was a really fun thing to watch and it made me think very highly of a company that was making a holiday trip that much better for people facing the stress of travelling on Thanksgiving.
Do I think their approach is working. You bet!

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