Blog Post 2 – Strong & Weak Organizations: WestJet & Nike – Impressive Social Media



WestJet has an impressive social media strategy. I have used the airline previously but I was captivated by their Christmas marketing video. WestJet uses the main social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube ( But, their use of video sets them apart from other companies.

In this video customers were asked what they wanted for Christmas by a virtual Santa at the airport ( Then, when the passengers arrived at their destination and went to pick up their luggage, presents addressed to them arrived on the carousel. It was an emotional video which made you feel good. WestJet did something different. They approached their sponsors to participate in this social media strategy to help with the costs. They also enlisted the support of Whoopi Goldberg to assist in marketing the video ( The video had over 6 million views, over 24,000 Twitter shares and over 215,000 Facebook shares.

Another organization that has a great social media strategy is Nike. What sets Nike apart from others is their expertise in telling stories. Nike’s video “Find Your Greatness” really engaged their listeners ( Their campaign featured everyday athletes from around the world. It had a personalized touch that made people feel they too could be great and that people did not have to be an Olympian to find their “greatness”. The ad had a very high emotional appeal.

Nike used a new #findgreatness hashtag on twitter which was very successful. One particular video about a 12 year old boy who was overweight and jogging went viral in America. One follower said “I just jogged till I couldn’t anymore. #nike#findyourgreatness jogger commercial really inspired me” ( “While advertising and cultivating an image are still important, it’s interaction that creates loyal customers” ( The campaign ignited conversation with everyone, everywhere (
Nike did a great job of telling “the story” with “Find Your Greatness” campaign and in getting their listeners to respond.

Some small not-for-profit associations in the Ottawa area could benefit from a social media strategy. For example, Carlington Community Health Centre. They have no visible social media platforms, just a website: Social media can be a great tool for not-for-profit associations. It is free and they can use it to engage with people who are passionate about their cause.
I think this community health centre could be promoting their services and expand upon their health promotion strategies through social media, which are part of their mission. As well, they could be using social media to engage with supporters and increase their donations. Other community health centres are using social media (e.g. Pincrest Queensway Community Health Centre

As a first step Carlington Community Health Centre would need to listen on various social media channels and determine their target audience. They could start by doing some research, listen, and determine what other community health associations are doing in social media. Then, a social media strategy would need to be developed for the organization. A Facebook page and Twitter account could be developed and implemented. As well, a blog page for the organization could be developed at a later date. Content for the blog site could be about health promotion. By using some new social media tools they could reach a larger audience and generate more funding for the organization.

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