COM0012-521 Blog Post #1: Preparing a Digital Strategy

As I’ve mentioned before, I work for an online store specializing in health and beauty. We are fairly small these days with all of the new online stores that have popped up within the last decade and have created a ton of competition. We failed to keep up, and now we are starting from the bottom. While we were able to keep up with the times when it came to customer service, quickly answering voicemails and emails, and efficiently processing orders, social media moved a bit to fast for us and we gave up on that area. A few of us have tried to maintain our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but we just did not post interesting enough content, and could not keep people engaged. This is exactly why we need a digital strategy. 

While we don’t have one in place yet, I am going to be focusing a lot of my time on enforcing a digital strategy we can all agree on. There are only 3 of us who have the power to post on our social media, and even then we have butted heads with what we think is good content. I would like to sit down with my coworkers and discuss how many times a day we would like to post to each social media channel, what kind of content we should post (pictures, videos, contest,etc) and what goals we are looking to achieve. Since we use Shopify as our ecommerce platform we are able to see where potential sales come from, and the only social media sites to get any activity are Facebook, and interestingly enough, Pinterest. I would like to focus more on these two than anything else at the moment, and I would like to be constantly active on both. I would like for everything we post to be original content and interesting content. I would like to gain likes, but also pay attention to the reach each of our posts is getting. I think a key for achieving these goals is to have a very clear and followed digital strategy that everyone understands. I would like to create a checklist that every post needs to follow before being posted. It wouldn’t be very extreme, but a simple few goals like “check your spelling” and “is this actually interesting” would be two of the main things to consider before posting on our social media pages for the world to see.

It is very busy at work right now with Christmas, but as the season comes to an end and the new year begins I think it is very plausible for us to have a strategy we all can work with, and I think it will make a great difference.


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