Post #4 : Out of the Box

                    Taking this social media course has opened my eyes to a whole world! I thought the best applications for online marketing were Facebook, a website and getting on the first page of google. Even though those all work wonderful, there are many applications and ways to spread the word of your business that I never would have thought of on my own.

                                   There were some applications that I heard about before but didn’t think of them as ways to market your business. Such as, Pinterest and Twitter. I saw Twitter as just another kind of Facebook that I didn’t want to bother with. I found out the opposite and use the Twitter account of our business just as much as I use the Facebook page. Now onto Pinterest, an application I figured was just for arts and crafts and DYI by individuals. I was wrong again. So many companies use Pinterest as a visual look into their company. Its just one more way to use online marketing at its best!

                       I had an account with LinkIn before starting but I have updated it and use for the sole use of networking with other companies. Its the ultimate resume!!!

                      What I didn’t expect was the use of blogging to help promote the company. I had always thought that blogging was for over active individuals who liked to talked about themselves (which I  still think its the case for most bloggers hehe) . Blogging adds a more personal touch to the company, its a way to express what actually goes on and it can help people understand you and your company better! For this application, I use WordPress, which was introduced in the course as well.

               I feel so lucky to have been able to take this course and help me with these applications!

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