Recapturing Youth By Building Model Airplanes Blog Post 3 Mark Calder Com 0014

I’m a guy who used to like creating World War II vintage plastic model aircraft as a boy, with planes from the Battle of Britain like the Spitfire and Hurricane being my favourite. The hobby was exciting to me not only because of the joy of building, but the era it represented – one in which good battled evil for control of the world. I was particularly inspired as a young boy by the heroes of the Battle of Britain.

That got me wondering who is still enjoying the hobby and whether as an adult I would be able to find people with similar interests. It appears from the traffic on Google Trends that the interest in the hobby is waning over the last seven years. Twitter shows that a variety of age groups remain interested in the hobby although they may be fewer in number. My research also suggests that with the cost of models that the core group enjoying the hobby may actually be adult male collectors.

The videos displayed on Twitter links are often done by middle-aged men who have the resources for the paint, fine brushes, and magnifying glasses used in the hobby (

I think the most effective way of communicating with this audience would be through videos showing accomplishments in modeling: ( ) and the most helpful methods to ensure a quality product ( .

I would also provide links to places to buy these models and tools (  – to feed enthusiast’s excitement and prompt them to buy.

I would use Twitter with links to promote these videos as it seems that it is the most convenient way to share quick messages.


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