Comm 0015-Out of the Box

During this semester in Social Media I have got the opportunity to learn about all different kinds of marketing and online social media choices that businesses all over the world have gotten the privilege to use for promoting their specific type business or corporation. Online social media is a fantastic place for business men or women to take their imagination and bring them to life the way they see it. Based on all the applications we have learned about there were a few i never even knew existed and I personally feel would help a business a lot because these social networks are not national wide but globally wide.

I always thought that Facebook or Google would be the best way to help promote an ideal business but turns out i stand corrected. Although Facebook and Google are excellent sources you cannot always get the best feedback as possible.


Twitter although i have heard of  but never used I found was a great place to promote oneself with anything because it is a site that you can post instantaneously about what just occurred in your life.  A lot of my friends have twitter and when talking to them about this assignment one day and what i have been learning about they had great comments about Twitter and believe that this social networking site is a great way to so everyone what you can do, what you want to do, what you just did.


Linkedin I never heard about in my whole life. When the professor first said we had to create an account on Linkedin I was like ” what in the world is this Linkedin, is it some type of thing Algonquin College uses now?” All types of things came into my mind was it like Facebook, Google, blog posts etc. When going on to Linkedin I was first confused as this was a new site that i have never been on before and had no clue on how it works. But as the days went by and i had the time to sit down and go through this whole site. I found out that this site is a great way to get yourself out there, to show people who you are, what you are thinking etc.index

The last application I learn’ t about throughout this semester that seems to be the latest thing as my 5 year old niece is also on this through her teacher is WordPress the blogging site.I knew blog sites existed i just never considered being apart of one as truth was i never saw my self as a “blogger.” But turns out as the semester went on and i got more comfortable with this site i actually had a lot of fun reading what everyone had to say on certain things whether it was restaurant, careers, life etc. A lot of people may think blogging can cause trouble based on what people say, but truth is i think blogging now is a good thing as you get feedback which you will want as a business and whether is is good or bad it will end up making you more stronger in the end.


Social media can be bad at times but can also be good because most people around the world have a computer and are constantly on the internet checking out what is new and for businesses the best way to put yourself out there is to make yourself become noticed and what better way to get noticed than the internet and social media website.

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