COM0015 – Out of the Box


Throughout the semester, taking the Applied Social Media in Business course, I found numerous helpful applications that I have not known about or had much knowledge in their functions before taking the course. LinkedIn and Twitter are the two applications that I am going to discuss on how effective these social media tools are in the field of online marketing.

imagesCAT2WS76I did not have much knowledge on LinkedIn in regards to its function and uses but taking a closer look into it and creating a personal account for myself, I have discovered how excellent this tool is. I had no idea that this application allows individuals to advertise themselves to employers and create a professional network where you can build a contact list. This kind of application opens many doors of opportunity when looking for a job. This application is also based on the statement “It is all about who you know” because the people you include in your network can be used as referenced to future employers. Another interesting feature that this application allows individuals to do is source out information on different companies where you prefer to work by finding contacts within that organization. So much can be achieved through the use of this application, it all comes down to us and how we choose to use it. Embracing tools like this one is important because of the way our society is evolving, thus taking full advantage of this free application will be very beneficial.

twitter-evolveLooking at Twitter from a marketing standpoint, I can now see why businesses lean towards using it and how successful it is for this purpose. Before taking this course I had a personal Twitter account but used it only to keep in contact with friends, family and stay up to date with some interests I have like celebrities and restaurants. Knowing what I know now about marketing and social media, I can see the business tactics used by companies. A lot of companies use Twitter as a way of advertising products and services, receiving customer feedback, promoting social events and new items, and lastly creating a portfolio so new potential customers can see what they are about. Twitter is effective because people tend to have this application hooked up to their PDA devices and use it on the go. It can be seen at any time and creates a log/timeline so anything posted can be referred back to if it is missed. When I first created my Twitter account I just thought that it was the “in” thing to have in terms of staying connected with friends. I did not see its purposes beyond that. I guess its simplicity and lack of restrictions as to what you can or cannot do on Twitter allowed it be used for so much more.

There are so many applications out there that you hear about but never think about using. You may get a quick explanation of what it can do for you or how it is useful but is it enough to leave it at that? It isn’t until you actually try it out that you figure out its true functions and what other people are using it for. Each application is full of surprises that might end up “wowing” you. From my experience with this subject, it is safe to say “don’t judge a book by its cover” because until you open it up and explore, you wouldn’t really know what it has in store for you.

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