COM0014 BLOG POST #7 – Personal Reflection

The first thing that I will take away from this course is the need to refocus my content and make storytelling a bigger part of my digital identity. I need to move my content from simply showcasing our products, services and events, to telling fascinating stories about these things. I will need to create stories that are useful and meaningful to my audience, something that captures their attention and entices them to come back to us.

I have also learned that I should always keep in mind the “what is in it for me?” question. Why should they spend their time reading my blog, my facebook posts or my tweets? Am I really adding value to their lives, am I relevant or am I just another disturbing buzz in the online sphere that is trying to sell them something?

I would like to learn more about my audience by asking more questions and when I get an answer, to really listen and take action. We need to hear what our customers and readers have to say, learn from it and turn their thoughts, ideas and suggestions to our best advantage. At the end of the day they are the ones that read our blogs and buy our products so we have to have something to say that is interesting or amusing to them.

What kind of stories do I want to tell? I think now it is more important to find out what it is that makes my audience tick. What interests them, what amuses them, what will get them to come to the shop?  Whatever the subject, my storytelling will be in my own friendly, funny, cheerful, bubbly and energetic tone of voice so that I am still true to myself and hopefully, appealing to my audience

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