COM0014 BLOG POST #6 – Do People Know Your Story

First of all, growing up as a child with a teacher as a mother meant one thing, my classroom teachers were always right. The whole school knew who my mother was and they knew she ran a tight ship. Not to say my household was military structured but as a kid it certainly felt that way. Timeslots were organized for meals, homework, video games/television (I didn’t have digital cable growing up), and eventually internet closer to the millennium. Education was and still is to this day the number one priority in our family. Both my parents come from large Irish Catholic families who grew up poor with access to very little opportunities. However, both my parents’ families are now very successful all in part because of hard work and publicly funded education. This rigorous routine growing up where school was always a topic of discussion at family events because nobody remembered what grade you were in or what you were studying, it felt like the longest broken record ever. It’s never until later on in life that you finally understand the importance of what my mother consistently pushed upon myself and my siblings. I have surely been shaped by all the teachers and mentors throughout my life that have prepared me for where I am today.  We should all be grateful that our country offers publicly funded education.  I want to end with a quote that I see on the wall every time I’m on campus at Algonquin:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

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