COM 0015: Post 4- Out of the Box

I have always used social media as a personal tool to interact with my friends and family. Until this course, I never realised the effort businesses make to get involved in the social media world and the different ways they use the web to market their businesses. Some of the practices that I found of importance include:

–          Knowing your target audience

–          Following industry specific trends

–          Building an on-line presence

Knowing you Target Audience

In this course, we looked at the importance of knowing and understanding your target audience. We saw that can you determine your audience by conducting research. This research can include demographic information and personal information about your target audience. We also found that monitoring your audience can also greaten your knowledge about them. For example, determining other websites they may be interested in or tracking the number of sales. Finding out this information will greaten the relationship between you and your audience. Once you understand your audience, you can begin to create messages and advertisements that will attract your audience to your website/profile/ business.

Following Trends

It is always a good thing to keep up-to-date on the latest trends happening around you; especially when it comes to industry specific trends. Being aware of current trends happening in your industry (of study/ work) will give you a competitive edge in your industry. For example, an employer will believe you are more qualified for a job if you have knowledge on the trends happening in your industry. In a competitive world, it is important to be aware of your industries trends, so that you avoid missing out on any opportunities. Also knowing your trends will make you more valuable and creditable.

Building and On-line Presence

In this course, we also looked at the importance of building an on-line presence for yourself and for your business. When it comes to yourself, creating profiles on websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and MeetUp allows you to connect or stay connected with other people. All of these websites can be used to make connections, and as well can allow you to meet with potential employers, etc. We also saw that it is also very important to create an on-line presence for your business. This includes creating a unique brand, a website that will be appealing to your target audience, and advertisements so that you can market your business on other websites (ex. Facebook).

I never really understood how important the practices listed above are to surviving on-line marketing and social media. Whether it be personal use or professional use, all of these practices contribute to making successful profiles and websites on-line. From business standpoint, understanding your audience, following trends in your industry and building an on-line presence are all great ways to achieve success in the on-line business world.

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