COM0015: Post 3 – Professional Networking now and in the future

I recently started using a social networking site, known as Meetup. This website is great for interacting with others, and it is also very easy to use. The website is designed so that users can join into different groups. These groups are each based on common interests. Not only can users interact with one another through the computer, but they can also meet members of their group face-to-face. People within each group organize meetings for their other group members to attend and discuss different topics.

As I said before, Meetup contains a large variety of different group; in which members all share a come interest. For example, there are groups for pet lovers, boy/girl clubs, singles, and much more. The site also contains many different groups related to business (that is what I am interested in). I am currently in one of Ottawa’s entrepreneur groups. We discuss a variety of different topics. These include discussions on how to start up a business, how to make a business successful, and more.

Many members within my group already have their own businesses. Therefore, they share great advice to me about business and they also have many different contacts. Unfortunately, I have not yet had a chance to attend one of our meetings, but I do plan on doing so in the future. I also hope to potentially join other groups on Meet up to further increase the development of my networks.

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