COM0015 Post #2: Strong and Weak Organizations



  1. Zappos: Zappos is an on-line retailing store. They sell a wide range of products shoes (mostly), clothing, and other accessories. Zappos has a very strong social media strategy, and has become a very popular online retailer. This company has a great page on Facebook. Having this page on Facebook allows Zappos to interact and connect with their customers. For example, Zappos will post pictures of their products on Facebook, and customers can provide feedback on the product. This interaction with customers, has led Zappos to be a well known company with a great reputation of having excellent customers service.
  2. Emmy’s Closet: Like Zappos, Emmy’s Closet is an online retail store. However this company focusses mainly on selling children’s accessories. Emmy’s Closet has a Facebook page, and this page contains a very unique feature that many other companies do not offer. This feature allows customers to browse and purchase products through Facebook. Many customers find this very convenient. Emmy’s Closet’s Facebook page also allows users to share products with their friends and family on Facebook. This can create a viral effect; if of course the product gets shared enough times.


Although we have seen some organizations with a very strong social media presence, other organizations have not quite made their presence known in the world of social media. For example, Apple, one of the biggest technology companies in the world has yet to make a social media presence. Apple does not have an official Facebook page or a Twitter page. Although many companies use social media sites to increase their number of customers and sales, it appears that Apple staying away from social media is actually working well for them. However, although it appears that Apple’s lack of presence in social media is not making a difference in their number of customers and sales, creating a presence could improve customer service. If Apple created pages on Facebook and Twitter, it would give more opportunity for customers to interact with the company. Applecould advertise new products, and as well customers could comment, like, and discuss the Apple products. Other companies have proven that having this interaction with your customers, will only improve customer service and potentially increase sales.


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