COMM0015 – Blog Post #3 | The Connection Challenge


Well… I’ll just get it out there…

I currently DO NOT have any Networking Plan/Strategy
in place as I type this.

Yeeeeeah... about that....

Yeeeeeah… about that….

But it’s not a complete loss, as I do have a few key pieces in place. Mainly my personal website (which features my design portfolio), an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, as well as accounts on the Social Media ‘Deadly Duo’ (Facebook and Twitter) as well as it’s nerdy, hipster friends (Instagram and Pinterest.)

I have a weakness of wanting everything to be in place and perfect before I put anything into motion. And when I say motion I mean my own personal social media plan & strategy which of course effects any type of online networking. As well, like everyone else in this course/program, the challenge of finding time is a perpetual battle. My excuse is this:


With 3 kids all under the age of 5, getting hefty chunks of productive time (on top of a day job) usually ends with me napping with one of the time thieves pictured above.

Well… with only 2-ish weeks left in this course, and this being the last one I need to graduate form the Social Media program, I’ll be replacing school time with business time (click here for a related but unrelated distraction). And the first order of business is really to put my “house” in order as it stated in the related lesson. I really have to share the blog posts I’ve contributed as part of this program onto my personal website, get my portfolio up to date (I’m almost 2 years behind in updating projects!).

With an updated site, I think the next logical step is to finally put everything I’ve learned from this program and put into practice by creating a solid social media plan.

From there… I should finally get my business cards printed and commit to attending a local business networking meeting through the local Chamber of Commerce or the like, to start creating connections to create some new business leads.

I definitely think time management, and an unwavering commitment to stick to these goals will be the key. Not to mention a few hugs and kisses on the way from the time thieves!

4 thoughts on “COMM0015 – Blog Post #3 | The Connection Challenge

    • Thanks Sylvia! I can’t believe we’re almost done this course. I figured I would have business cards before the end of it! Maybe it’s a good thing, as now we can put social media consulting on it as well!

  1. Oh those little time thieves! I know the feeling well 😉

    You should try some twitter chats – I bet they would fit into your schedule well and you can walk away if something comes up without anyone really noticing. Also- beware waiting until everything is perfect to start! 😉

    • Twitter chats eh? I’ll have to give that a try. To be honest, I haven’t fully dove into any real twitter interaction. But yes, it’s a hard habit to break… wanting everything perfect before you start. I learned from my own freelance design gig, that the key is to start, and perfect as you go.

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