COMM0015 Post#3 Professional Networking now and in the future

My present strategy for developing my professional network in person is that I am going to attend more meetings that appeal to my interest. For instance for an assignment I attended a town meeting about a pathway in between my Grandmothers house and her neighbours. At first I really had no interest in the subject, but because it dealt with my Grandmother and I knew she was very against the idea I decided to attend the meeting to expand my professional network in person.

I am a very shy individual and don’t like to express my opinion too much and that is another reason I never really wanted to attend this meeting, but it was actually a lot of fun and very interesting. I enjoyed seeing the different aspects of the pathway to different individuals. Some point on why there shouldn’t be a pathway were valid points and some were just silly. Watching people get very into what they are talking about is an interesting thing to watch. As the meeting got going I saw why my Grandmother didn’t want the sidewalk and I joined her side. So in the future I want to go to more town meeting that have an interest to me or deal with something I know is going on or my dads business, anything that appeals to me and I have an opinion about. Even if I don’t have an opinion at the beginning, I am sure I will by the end of the meeting just like in my first experience at a town meeting.

I don’t know a whole lot on networking online nor do I have experience on it, but I think this word press and different things like that appeal to networking online. So for now I am going to do research on different ways to network online and find which ones appeal to me the most. And then in the future I am going to keep up with doing those different activities, whether they are meetings online, group discussions online or things like this word press where I can post an opinion about something and can read other peoples opinions on may different topics and can reply back to them with what my opinions were on there posts.

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