COM0014 BLOG POST #6 – My challenge

In my work for the biggest flower shop in Ottawa, I find that our greatest challenge is time or more precisely, time management. We almost never take the time to ask our customers about their day, or if we do ask, we never really “listen” to what they actually have to say. Sometimes it’s because two phones are ringing at the same time, or we have a lot of orders to be processed, or we have a problem with a last minute funeral piece, or…… well, there is always some excuse.

Meeting your client face to face is a great opportunity to build relationships, and yet we are not doing it or we are not doing it properly anyway. I remember working for a multinational beer company. If we’d wanted to know something about our client, we would have had to conduct researches, focus groups and spend large sums of money finding out what makes our clients happy. We would examine their habits, find out what brings them back to our brand or what is pushing them away.

Now, I have the chance to ask them in person at no cost to us and I am not doing it. And I know it works because every time I have a wedding consultation and I talk about what happened with my own wedding, I always get the sale. A positive client experience should be about sharing your experiences, “communicating” with your clients and not focused solely on the business aspect. It is unfortunate and something I can work harder on

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