Post 3 – Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Currently, I’d have to say that for me, my present strategy for developing professional networks is more over a quality over quantity mentality. While many people have the mindset that networking is getting yourself out there as early and often as possible to get a wide spread network, I find that this can sometimes become overwhelming, confusing, and harder to keep a grasp of if you are trying to do too much at once. While I do think that I participate in networking methods and activities, I try to keep my focus on a smaller amount of networking opportunities, but take more time to concentrate on each, hopefully producing more efficient results. Online, I have recently created a LinkedIn account, which I have used to join groups regarding finance, banking, and business programs, which I find beneficial as I work for a financial institution currently, and have met people and swapped information and knowledge regarding different areas of our field. I have also uploaded a profile onto our Scotiabank Employee blog network, where people can chat, post questions, comments, and opinions on different things that are happening at the bank and in the finance world in general. In person, I try to contribute as much as possible to work sanctions, as well as anything that our work in sponsored for and/or is participating in. I have spend the last 3 years participating in both the Scotiabank Dragonboat Festival rowing team, as well as the beach volleyball team for the H.O.P.E. volleyball tournament in Ottawa. I participated in the inaugural Scotiabank Young Professionals Hockey tournament, which brings together people from all sectors and levels within Scotiabank across Ontario and Quebec for a weekend of hockey, conferences, and dinner sanctions to network. On the more professional side of work. I have been attending Scotiabank Young Professionals career advancement round tables, networking events, and year end conferences over the past two years. (Events and schedules: As well as attending multiple charity events, including the Scotiabank United Way Silent Auction, Nordic Walk for cancer survivors, and be part of the Scotiabank team for the Alzheimer’s walk, and Scotiabank Aids walk for life. Over the next 6-12 months, I plan on trying to network myself further within the groups I am already a part of, while also doing more community work and attend other networking opportunitties and events through the College. I have another Scotia Young Professionals hockey tournament in Belleville in April, and the Scotia Young Professionals networking events for the new year should be starting up in the next few months, which I fully intend on participating in. 


Trevor Doucette

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