Blog Post #4

I recently read a very interesting article that I wanted to share, regarding the role of news on Facebook.  Basically it is about who receives reliable news from Facebook and who sees it as an important source of information.  I have to say I am with the majority (57%) that say Facebook is not a very important way to get news and it is more about entertainment.  Only 4% of people said it is the most important way they get news.

I know personally I go to Facebook to get news and updates on family and friends, but I definitely go elsewhere to get news on worldwide issues.  I found the stats interesting and very accurate when it comes to my own personal Facebook use.

The highest percentage of Facebook news consumers were in the 30-49 range.  I’m 27 and from my friend list, people in that range (mostly the latter) are ones posting actual news happing in the world.  I don’t see this as much with people my own age or younger.

The article is quite lengthy, but worth a read.  It’s interesting to see what value individuals give a social media outlet like Facebook, and how different ago groups views change on what they use the site for.

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