COMM0014 Blog Post 6 – I Would Like To Do That!

In my childhood home there were two constants, my mother playing solitaire and Max Ferguson on CBC radio.

My mother’s deck of cards were used so much, she probably knew what each facedown card was by the wear marks. Today, physical cards have given way to my smartphone and tablet. The first app I usually download for any new device is the game solitaire.

Unfortunately, there is no app for Max Ferguson, but I clearly recall the day he inspired me to work in radio. I must have been six or seven. Max was a staple in my home. In those days our car radio only had AM, but that was all we needed, because Max was on CBC 940-AM. It was a warm sunny summer afternoon and I was on the back seat of the family car listening to Max as my mother drove around town. As the car was about to turn right on to Decarie Blvd from Snowden Road, a thought crossed my mind. One day I would like to work in radio and be like Max.

Years later I attended Champlain Regional College in Sherbrooke, Quebec. While working at our campus radio station, I became friends with a couple of guys who worked for 900-CKTS. By the summer I was working weekends for CKTS. I was on the radio.

Eventually, CKTS led to jobs with CKOY and CJSB in Ottawa. In 1987 I left CJSB to pursue non-radio interests, but I always knew one day I would eventually be behind a microphone again.

Just as technology has changed the way I play solitaire, it has also changed the way I can broadcast. Today I am the host and producer of my own podcast, Photo Kibitz. Instead of being limited to an audience of Montreal, Sherbrooke, or Ottawa, my reach is all over North America, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Sweden, Australia and many other countries.

As I prepare and do research for my shows, every now and then I think about my inspiration, Max Ferguson and the idea that popped into my head all of those years ago.

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