COM0015 – Blog #1: LinkedIn & TweetDeck work for me

There are so many social media trend listening and monitoring tools out there and all used for different purposes. Two of my favorites (for professional purposes) are LinkedIn and TweetDeck.

LinkedIn provides a great network of professionals and it’s free. I was surprised how quickly I connected with people from past employers. Not only did I connect with many professionals, I was also provided with additional names to contact regarding job opportunities. My network increased significantly in a short period of time. 70% of jobs are found through networking ( and many professionals are listing their profiles on LinkedIn.

I like the group discussions that are offered on LinkedIn. You can increase your profile and obtain new opportunities by participating in group discussions.

Businesses are increasingly using LinkedIn to search for prospective new talent ( Some of my former colleagues advised that they found new jobs through LinkedIn. Imagine posting your profile on LinkedIn and being sought after by a company.

LinkedIn can also be used to conduct job searches and find out information about companies. You can follow companies and check out profiles of people that work at the organization. Many companies are now posting jobs directly on LinkedIn. The traditional networking approaches are still valid i.e. personal telephone calls and face-to-face informational meetings. However, LinkedIn can be a great additional source of news and updates on companies and professionals.

TweetDeck is another one of my favourites – and it’s free too. At first it took awhile to figure it out and get it organized, but now I like it. It’s a great dashboard for monitoring the folks and organizations I follow on Twitter. It saves me time and keeps me updated on current issues and news.

I know there are comparisons between TweetDeck and HootSuite with HootSuite being the winner. But, for now I’m not prepared to pay a fee to use HootSuite for personal use.

What are your favourite social media tools?

2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog #1: LinkedIn & TweetDeck work for me

  1. Hootsuite is free for personal use. You only need to pay if you need more advanced features. I love how many amazing and free tools there are out there! 🙂

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