Post #2 Organizations Strength&Weaknesses

The two organizations that I chose to do for this post are Inner Outer Beauty Worx and Max&Well Construction. Inner Outer Beauty Worx fits into the category of impressive social media strategy and Max&Well Construction needs to adopt social media strategy. The reason I was drawn to these two businesses is because I know the owners of each business very well and even though they are on opposite spectrums of work, I think that every business can benefit from having social media to promote their business and expand.

First I will talk about Inner Outer Beauty Worx because she has a very impressive social media strategy. Inner Outer Beauty Worx is a hair salon, but she also teaches yoga classes and sells jewelry. It is one lady who owns the company and she is the only person who works for herself. She does an amazing job of promoting everything she does through Facebook, Instagram and having a website. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of styles that she does, jewelry that she sells and anything fashion that she is interested in. Her Facebook has pictures as well, but also she has listed any events going on or deals she has on at the time. She has clients writing about the experiences they have had at her salon and yoga studio and she also takes the time to comment back which to me makes her a very dedicated business owner trying to communicate as much as she can with her clients, always thanking them for taking the time to write about their experiences. On the front page of her website there is a picture of her and a description of herself and her mission statement.



Welcome!    It has been a decade since the beauty industry welcomed licensed hairstylist, Tina Addorisio. After graduating from Marvel Beauty School, Tina began her hair styling career at Headlines Salon and Spa, in Stouffville, where she gained an abundance of knowledge and valuable experience. Her passion and artistry is displayed in her work. She creatively offers services from colours to cuts, to colour corrections and hair extensions. Her talents go above and beyond expectations

Then at the bottom she has raw footage of her live meditations because she is really big into yoga and mediating as well. Then she has links to click on for hair, yoga, Arbonne, Tina and contact. The hair section includes a gallery, which product she uses and the services she offers. The yoga link includes her yoga schedule, benefits of yoga, class location and workshops. I really love how she included the benefits because that can attract people even more to taking her yoga classes. Arbonne is a product she sells and on this page she explains what it is and the benefits of Arbonne. The Tina link is a page dedicated to just her where she explains who she is, where she is from, what she loves and what inspires her. And last is her contact information. She provides everything that you could possibly need through all her social media and I think how she describes herself attracts you even more to going to her for getting your hair done or trying out yoga and attending her classes. She is very inspiring through her social media. In my opinion she does everything right through her social media and this attracts over 80% of her clientele and keeps them in touch with her.

The other company I chose to talk about is Max&Well Construction. The reason I was drawn to this company is also because I know the owner very well, but he has no social media what so ever and I think he would really benefit from having some sort of social media to promote and attract more customers. I know through construction that word of mouth is a very good way to gain clients. When you do one project and it is successful they recommend you to their friends and family and so on, but it is always beneficial to have social media to attract customers you may have never got through word of mouth. That is the most important reason why I can think that the company should interacting and using new tools. The best way Max&Well Construction could start off to get a social media strategy is to start up a website. You cannot even Google the company because it will not come up and I think that is wrong. Starting off with a website is a great start and people will be able to search your business and see what your company offers and how to contact you. The owner does have trucks with the name and number and location on the trucks, but that is not enough. People may notice your truck and name, but not have time when their driving to write down or remember your phone number, so at least if you have a website, they can remember your name and search the internet for your company and your website will come up. Construction company’s won’t really benefit from Instagram, but a lot of companies have a Facebook page and I think that could be another step if the company really wants to expand more in the social media because almost everyone has Facebook and it just makes it easy for clients to find. Definitely though a website would be a good start and a huge benefit for attracting new customers.

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